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Research facilities and conditions of the hospital have been improving, as evidenced by the 5 academician workstations, 3 post-doctoral research stations, 1 national engineering laboratory, 1 engineering laboratory jointly run by both the country and the local place, 1 National Health Commission key laboratory, 10 subcenters of national clinical medicine research centers, 10 provincial key laboratories, 4 provincial clinical medicine research centers, 10 provincial engineering technology research centers, 31 provincial engineering laboratories and research centers, 20 provinvcial international united laboratories, 75 municipal and departmental key laboratories, and 21 university-level research institutes and centers. In recent years, total hospital scientific research projects and awards rank first stably in health system in Henan Province, and it has conducted over 2,000 scientific research projects at and above ministerial level including national benefiting people special projects through science and technology, national high-tech research & development projects (“863” Plan), national natural science fund and major scientific and technological projects of Henan Province. The hospital has also has got more than 300 scientific achievements. Among them, there are 1 second prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 1 first prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award and 10 Henan Progress in Science and Technology. The scientific and technological influence power of the hospital becomes stronger day by day and tops the list in the country.

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