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The hospital is the largest clinical base for educating senior health professionals in Henan Province. Its teaching body is composed of three schools and colleges: the College of Clinical Medicine, the School of Medical Examination and the School of Stomatology. For degree education, it teaches ZZU students including the undergraduates of clinical medicine, medical examination, preventive medicine, stomatology and medical imaging as well as postgraduates and international students. Clinical medicine and nursing are both the first-level doctoral and master degree authorized disciplines, covering all second-level disciplines. Faculties include 100 doctoral and 544 master supervisors. For continuing education, the hospital is the national base and the provincial demonstration base for standardized residents training as well as the provincial training center for standardized specialists. In all, the hospital annually cultivates over 500 postgraduates, 200 international students and 2,000 trainees from Henan and other provinces.

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